Left Hook IPA

Waddell's Left Hook IPAA generous amount of Columbus, Nugget, Cascade, and Centennial hops come together to produce a well-balanced beer. Light brown malty color with a medium body for a highly approachable IPA.

O.G 1.063, 7% ABV, IBUs 50

It may not be generally known, but Rube Waddell can go some with his dukes. While in Los Angeles he does boxing stunts with Jeffries. Rube has a stiff punch and a block that is said to be a wonder.

G.E. Waddell, better known as “Rube,” pitcher of the Los Angeles baseball club, was a prisoner at the Police Station for a few minutes last night [March 27, 1902] for having used his good arm to almost knock the head off a young race track tout and supposed pickpocket, F.A. Hazel.