Fireman’s Amber Ale

Waddell's Fireman's Amber AleA nice red amber hue with a good malty caramel flavor. Slight character of Nugget hops. Easy on the pallet all the way down!

O.G. 1.046, 5% ABV, 42 IBUs

“Rube” Waddell, the baseball pitcher, turned volunteer fireman, and with handkerchief tied across his mouth, entered the burning building with the firemen and performed heroic services.

He always wore a red undershirt, so that when the fire bell rang he could pull off his coat, thus exposing his crimson credentials, where he would gallop off to the blaze, where he would try to direct operations by ringing commands.

During the Athletics’ visit to Washington Waddell one night dashed into a burning livery stable and brought out a number of fine horses, property of foreign diplomats living in the capital.

Big broad-shoulder “Rube” Waddell, the great pitcher of the Philadelphia Athletics, performed a daring deed on Saturday afternoon. While passing on Union Street at 4:30 o’clock with his friend, Phil Poland, he saw an excited crowd of people hurrying along and stopping around the flower store of Mrs. M.F. Patten, 497 Union Street, the scene of a fire last Monday. Once on the scene he saw flames within and smoke coming out of the door, making it apparent that a fire was underway and only prompt action would be of avail. Unconscious of any danger he pushed his way through the crowd, and gained the inside of the store. Flames were rising to the ceiling from an upset oil stove, which threatened the building. Lifting the flaming stove from the floor, rushing faster than he ever did to a base, out into the street he went, dropping it in a snow bank. Dashing back he seized a portier from the place over one of the doors leading to the end of the room, and extinguished the burning oil, which had set fire to the floor and the woodwork of a door. This prompt action prevented the flames from gaining headway and saved the store from much damage.