New England Haze IPA

By using Comet and Cascade Hops, you will find a beautiful tangerine haze color and a lot Citrus grapefruity flavor. A fabulous New England IPA to enjoy with your friends.

O.G. 1.052, ABV 5.5, IBUs 23

The Blackberry Kettle Sour

180 pounds of locally sourced Marion Blackberries. Kettle soured using lactobacillus for a tart flavor along with the natural tartness of the fruit. Absolutely no artificial flavors or colors are used in this treat!

O.G 1.054, 6.0% ABV, IBUs 5.8


Our German styles helles. Like you, sometimes we just want to grip it and rip it! Keep in mind, however, there is nothing ordinary and basic about this Lager Like Spokane, it’s good for ANYone, ANYwhere, at ANYtime!

O.G 1.043, 4.5% ABV, IBUs 12.5

Scottish Ale

Malt forward with an amazing peat presence. The smokiness is not overwhelming while you will find this quite the food pairing genius.

O.G 1.060, 6.6% ABV, IBUs 60

Oktoberfest Marzen

German-Style Marzen / Oktoberfest. A beer rich in malt with a balance of clean, hop bitterness. Bread or biscuit-like malt aroma and flavor is common.

O.G 1.059, 6.4% ABV, IBUs 16

Mt. Spokane Lost Woods Ale

Our Salute to winter serves as our malty beast. We use healthy amounts of 80L and 120L Crystal Malts with a slight amount of roasted barley. The hoppiness is forward while the malt gives it a nice backbone.

O.G 1.077, 8.5% ABV, IBUs 59

Kaniksu Gold

This a delicious French Saison. Gold in color fruity in aroma and flavor, earthy yeast tones, mild tartness, spicy with a touch of sweentness.

O.G 1.060, 6.6% ABV, IBUs 15

Imperial Alligator Oatmeal Stout

Darth Vader version of the Alligator Stout. Barrel aged in both Whiskey and Bourbon barrels with French Oak added along with Cocoa Nibs to finish off this monster from the Dark Side.

O.G 1.100, 11.2% ABV, IBUs 47

Brute Squad Imperial IPA

Strong, complex hop flavors with aroma of fruity, citrus, spicy, earthy, minty notes from 5 additions of Galena, Columbus, Nugget, along with Northern Brewer and Chinook hops in the dry-hopping of this brute of an IPA.

O.G 1.086, 9.5% ABV, IBUs 76

Vienna Lager

A more malty offering in both flavor and aroma than the SpoLite. We use Hallertaur and Mt. Hood Hops in this delicious traditional Austrian Lager. Light, crisp, and refreshing. A smooth easy drinking choice.

O.G. 1.050, ABV 5.2%, IBU 17


Alligators and Ales

February 13, 2014

Chey Scott – The Pacific Northwest Inlander

As legend goes, Rube Waddell wrestled alligators in the circus during baseball’s off-season. Hence the newly opened Waddell’s Brewpub & Grille logo: a sketch featuring the turn-of-the-century ballplayer with a gator slung over his shoulders.

Building on the success of the six-year-old South Hill food and beer hub, Waddell’s Neighborhood Pub & Grille, owner Michael Noble opened the doors of the North Side counterpart just before … [Continue Reading]

Spokesman Review

Waddell’s Launches Brewery

December 27, 2013

Rick Bonino – The Spokesman-Review

For five years, Michael Noble has been pouring other people’s beers at his Waddell’s Neighborhood Pub & Grille on South Regal.

Now, Noble has a new North Side spot with a budding lineup of beers brewed in-house: Waddell’s Brewpub & Grille, which opened this week at … [Continue Reading]

Left Hook IPA

A generous amount of Columbus, Nugget, Cascade, and Centennial hops come together to produce a well-balanced beer. Light brown malty color with a medium body for a highly approachable IPA.

O.G 1.063, 7% ABV, IBUs 50

Fireman’s Amber Ale

A nice red amber hue with a good malty caramel flavor. Slight character of Nugget hops. Easy on the pallet all the way down!

O.G. 1.046, 5% ABV, 42 IBUs

Barkeep Wheat

This is one of our Summer Seasonals. A good all around American style wheat beer. Easy drinking on a those hot summer days! Makes you wish you were at the beach. Well then pick up a growler of some and head on out to your nearest oasis!

O.G. 1.050, ABV 5.2%, IBUs 14

Alligator Stout

This is a nice big black beer loaded with chocolate and coffee aromas, good roasted notes and breadiness. Rich, sweet in flavor and a nice amount of hops to balance it out.

O.G. 1.063, ABV 6.85, IBUs 40